Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Lair of Dreams, by Libba Bray

First of all, let me say I am a HUGE fan of Libba Bray's writing. Every book she has written is so different from the rest, and each book is a masterpiece. Each book has a finely-crafted plot, boasts a cast of intricate and well-rounded characters, and pays attention to the smallest of details. Plus there's always humor, drama, romance, and sometimes a bit of horror. 

The Diviners (2012) is a fine example of this. Set in the 1920s-era New York City, this book centers on thoroughly modern girl Evie. But Evie is not your ordinary, dime-a-dozen flapper. She has the unique ability to read the secrets of any object she touches. This talent has gotten her into trouble many times. It also helps her solve a series of grisly ritual murders that have been happening around the city. Murders that have been committed by none oher than...wait for it...the ghost of an infamous madman returned to the Earthly plane to complete the job he began when he met his demise.

When the much-anticipated and much-hyped sequel to this fantastic book came out last month, I couldn't wait to dive into it. And The Lair of Dreams (2015) did not disappoint. In fact, it met--and then surpassed--any and all expectations I had (and believe me when I say those expectations were high indeed!).  

The Lair of Dreams focuses on Henry and Ling, two side characters in The Diviners (fear not, Evie still plays a do Sam and Jericho).Henry and Ling possess the ability to enter peoples' dreams. And Ling can communicate with the spirits of the dead during her dream walks. Their talents take center stage when a mysterious and deadly sleeping sickness begins plaguing the city's citizens. Could this have anything to do with the abandoned subway tunnel and what was found there? And how do Henry's former beau and the Chinese immigrant girl Ling meets while dreamwalking figure into the scheme of things? One thing becomes certain: Only Ling and Henry can put a stop to the sleeping sickness before it claims too many more lives.

Also...Who are those mysterious men seeking out Diviners? And what is Project Buffalo?

The Diviners and The Lair of Dreams (read them in order, people. Otherwise the sequel won't make sense) are both one huge stack of Awesome! Both books are highly, highly recommended! --AJB

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