Monday, November 30, 2015

The Winter Place, by Alexander Yates

After their father is killed in a car accident, Tess and her younger brother, Axel, have their lives turned upside-down. Not only are they orphans (their mother died when Tess was very young), but they must now move to Finland to live with their only suitable relatives: grandparents they never knew existed. Shortly before all this happened, a stranger appeared in their yard accompanied by a bear. When the same duo appears near their new home, Tess knows something very strangre is afoot--especially when Axel follows them into the snow and vanishes without a trace. Who is this stranger with the bear? Why has he followed them to their new home? The only thing Tess can do is investigate. But the answers are nothing she ever expected 

The Winter Place, a hauntingly gorgeous novel by Alexander Yates, is the ideal read for this time of year. Mystery and Mythology combine to make this coming-of-age story something you won't be able to put down. In a word: Awesome! --AJB

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