Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pixels (DVD)

And you were told that video gaming would get you nowhere in life... 

As kids, Sam, Will, Ludlow, and Eddie saved the world countless times--in arcade games. Now, as adults, they have the chance to do it again. For real. Aliens, having intercepted a 1982 transmission of classic 80s video games, have misinterpreted what they saw as a threat and have declared all out war on Earth. The gamers have three chances to beat life-sized versions of the video games they excelled at as children. Only this time, if they lose, it's Game Over for real. Not just for their character, but for the entire planet. Guest appearances by Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Qbert.

Pixels (PG-13), the newest film by Adam Sandler, is a departure from the rom-coms the actor has become known for lately (Blended, Just Go With It, 50 First Dates). It is more a return to Sandler's earlier comedic work. It's not Oscar-worthy acting, but it's good for more than a few laughs. Plus the special effects are pretty cool. Kids and Teens will love it for the action and humor, and parents will experience nostalgia watching the video game characters of their childhood recreated as planet-destroying monsters. Pixels is fun for the whole family.--AJB

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