Friday, December 4, 2015

Monstrous Beauty, by Elizabeth Fama

Hester, 17, knows she must live without love. She knows that it was love that killed her mother and her grandmother and several generations of women in her family. But are these deaths due to an undiagnosed and rare genetic condition or a curse? Practical Hester doesn't want to believe in curses (or magic of any sort). All she knows is, unless she takes every precaution she can, she will be next. And the plan is going well. It really is. Then Hester meets the strangely puzzling Ezra on the beach and, against her better judgement, finds herself drawn to him. But Ezra is not who he seems to be and, as the reader eventually learns, neither is Hester. A bit of library research and a few well-placed questions lead Hester to the truth about the link between love and death that has plagued her family. A centuries-old murder, a childhood friend, an old preacher, and a strange sea creature all play a part. But can Hester undo the terrible thing that was done centuries before so she can get on with her life? Or will she be the curse's next victim?

Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama (found on our New Book Shelf) is a complex and intriguing story that combines elements of mystery, fantasy, horror, and romance. Characters are multidimensional and detailed settings give the story an atmospheric feel. Overall, a fantastic story that comes highly recommended!--AJB

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