Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cemetery Boys, by Heather Brewer

Seeking a good, old-fashioned scary story? Look no further than Heather Brewer's uber-creepy novel The Cemetery Boys

After Stephen's mom goes crazy and is committed to the local mental hospital, Stephen's dad moves them back to his hometown of Spencer, Michigan where they will live with Grandma until the finances get sorted out. Now Spencer is NOT your picturesque small town with white picket fences and welcoming, down-home attitude. Rather, it's run down and populated with bitter, superstitious people who have definitely seen better times (but not in a very long time). There's even a creepy reservoir where people have died and a local legend about Winged Ones who bring about the Bad Times and must be appeased with a sacrifice to keep those Bad Times from getting any worse. 

Right away Stephen falls in with Devon and the crowd of local teens who meet up each night in the town cemetery (a.k.a. "Playground") to drink and engage in typical teenage debauchery. He even has romance potential with Cara, Devon's Tarot Card-reading goth girl sister. But as with any horror story, things aren't what they seem. And soon Stephen is in over his head. Because the Winged Ones will be returning soon. And they'll be hungry. And what better sacrifice than an outsider?

The Cemetery Boys is my first experience with Brewer's books (we have others, but I'm not exactly into vampires...even ones that don't sparkle), and I really enjoyed it. All the right elements of a good spooky story were present (in the right mix). I'd definitely recommend this one! --AJB

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