Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

13517444Bees... They are necessary to our everyday life. They are almost as essential to plant life and in return our life, as water. However, when we see one we tend to scream and run around. Most of us would not be doomed, however we know the pain that is associated with a bee sting. Ouch. But what were to happen if bees carried a more deadly sting- a sting that caused a world wide epidemic. Fiona Taris doesn't have to imagine because in her divided post-apocalyptic world this is exactly the case. The Bee Flu has run rampant across the nation. The only way to survive is caution and luck. Those parents in power and that have wealth even attempt a vaccine for their children. Of course vaccines have almost annihilated Polio, the Mumps, and various other diseases. Why not this one? When Fiona awakens not remembering why her home is destroyed and her family missing she finds out just what destruction the flu and the vaccine have created.

Stung is a must read for all dystopian lovers. The story runs along the same lines as Divergent (read and maybe you will catch it). However, with an interesting plot and all of its twists and surprises you'll be holding your breath and breaking your promise to your self of stopping after "just one more chapter". There is enough romance, suspense, and even a little blood for all genre readers. Stung is located on our New Book Shelf!

P.S. If you like the first book, author Bethany Wiggins wrote a second book, Cured, that continues Fiona's story along with adding in a new perspective and several new characters.


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