Monday, March 28, 2016

Withering Tights, by Louise Rennison

When Tallulah Casey, 14, is accepted to attend a summer acting program Dother Hall, a very prestigious performing arts college located in the Yorkshire countryside, she is thrilled! One, she'll be off on her own for the first time ever. Two, she'll be emmersed in acting classes (and maybe get discovered as the hottest new star of stage). Three, there will be boys to snog! Lots and lots of boys! And minimal adult superviision. Woo-hoo! Why didn't Tallulah sign up for this thing sooner!?!

What no one told Tallulah is Dother Hall is an all-girls college and, in fact, the only "boy" in attendance is Bob, the elderly maintainence man. Worse, she's proving to be a complete clutz on stage, the head instructor seems to have it in for her, and she's boarding with a family who seems to be unnaturally obsessed with squirrels. 

What's a girl to do?

I never really got into Louise Rennison's Georgia Nicolson series, but I gobbled up Tallulah's story, snort-laughing and cringing all the way through (for those of you familiar with Georgia Nicolson, Tallulah is Georgia's younger, and just as boy crazy, cousin). I must confess Withering Tights, the first in a trilogy about Tallulah Casey, is an absolute HOOT (pun absolutely intended; you'll get it when you read the book)! The situations this girl gets herself into....  LOL just thinking about it.

Will Tallulah make it through another semester without getting booted out of Dother Hall?

Will she return to live with the Squirrels, I mean, the Dobbins family and their looney twins?

Will the fog EVER let up?

And what will happen with Cain?

I really need to read the sequel! Like, NOW! --AJB

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