Friday, September 9, 2016

Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem

This series just keeps getting better and better! I mean, it's got pretty much everything I could ask for in a graphic (or any story, really): Plot twists, humor, romance, fantastic characters, cool sci-fi elements, superheroesque elements (what with the whole secret identity thing), and eye-catching artwork.

The author-artist team of Kelley Thompson and Sophie Campbell dish up a fantastic story with Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem. Readers learn that there's something very wrong with Synergy, the super-smart Supercomputer Jerrica Benton uses to transform into Jem and make her band happen. This virus, which was hinted at in volume #2, Viral, has broken free of Synergy and now calls herself Silica. And Silica is determined to take over the world with her twisted new music. We're talking total world domination (isn't it always world domination?). She has first infected the Holograms, turning them into mindless zombies who will spread her virus far and wide.

Meanwhile, at Camp Misfit, the ladies find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. They're determined to be loyal to each other, but with Pizzazz still recovering from injuries sustained in a recent car accident and unable to sing, they must find a new lead singer PRONTO! And who should fit the bill perfectly, but their good friend and fangirl Blaze. But Blaze has a secret. A secret that could change everything... 

So then... Silica's virus is spreading, and something has to be done! The girls are at a loss. Then help comes from the most surprising place...

Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem is by far my favorite in this series so far. Not only does the story arc wrap up in the best possible way (with a new little cliffhanger hinting at more to come--Squee!), but the character development is phenomenal! Especially when it comes to the Misfits. It's something I wish the old TV show would have done (btw: On the TV show, the Misfits were pure evil. Like Cruella DeVille, puppy-killing evil). In the graphic series, though, they're more sympathetic. More like-able. Sure, the Misfits are still competative when it comes to the Holograms, but they don't hate them enough to maim or commit felony. In this series, they're funny, loyal, and accepting (the way they handled that thing with Blaze...Awwww!). And they're actully quickly becoming my favorite part of the series. So, yes, I'm totally adding Stormer, Roxy, Jetta, and, yes, even Pizzazz to my list of Characters I Want to Hang Out With. Even minor side characters like Eric, TechRat, and Craig are well-rounded. 

If you're a fan of the first two books, you definitely want to pick up Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem. Because how can a story about rivals teaming up to fight a mind-contoling computer NOT be awesome?! --AJB

p.s. Still wonder what Jetta and Roxy did to snap Blaze and Clash out of their zombification. Guess I'll have to use my imagination on that one...

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