Friday, November 11, 2016

Bad Girls of Fashion, by Jennifer Croll (illus. by Ada Buchholc)

Think the latest and greatest fashion look can be achieved by opening an issue of Seventeen or Cosmo and mimicking whatever you see? Think again! Truly great style is NOT wearing what everyone else is wearing, but, instead, following your own instincts and wearing (and doing) what works best for YOU...regardless of if it makes you stand out.

Still not sure if you've got the guts to do such a thing? Take inspiration from some true fashion icons. The ladies of Bad Girls of Fashion, which can be found in our non-fiction section. Here you'll find everyone from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette, from Madonna to Lady Gaga, and everyone in between. Not only did these fearless women refuse to conform to appropriate fashion guidelines, they were revolutionaries in their other ways as well. 

Now we're not saying you should parade around in an outfit made entirely of meat or sport a dress that looks more like taxidermied waterfowl than anything else (Unless that's your thing. In which case, you should, of course, go for it). Bottom line is: Never be afraid to be yourself. And whatever your style may be, ROCK IT with pride! Who knows. You-yes, YOU!-may be the next Bad Girl (or boy) of fashion!

Overall, Bad Girls of Fashion was an exceptionally entertaining read. Not only did the pictures make this a fun book to browse, but the write-ups were really interesting and packed with little-known facts. For example, did you know Marie Antoinette often dressed as a man and went hunting with her husband, Louis XIV? Or that fashion giant Miuccia Prada was a mime before she became a designer? either.

This interesting bit of women's history is definitely recommended! --AJB

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