Friday, November 4, 2016

The Complete Chi's Sweet Home, Part 2, by Konami Kanata

In author/artist Konami Katana's The Complete Chi's Sweet Home, part 2 (which combines stand alone books 4-6), Chi's human family has moved to a new home. One that actually allows pets. No more hiding for Chi. But with the move comes new smells, new sights, new neighborhood animals, and lots of new experiences. Some are confusing, like figuring out stairs and cat doors. Others are terrifying, like claw trimmers and the neighbor's dog. On the other hand, some are amazing. Like discovering delicious human food. All that is a lot for one little kitten to take in in such a short time! Chi eventually adjusts, but there's a lot of super adorable humor as she does so. Other things are hinted at as well, such as the whereabouts of Chi's cat mama (who he was separated from in Book 1), but nothing is resolved. The book ends on a cliffhanger, with Chi following a neighborhood stray, not knowing how far from home she will wander. 

Having not yet read Book 1, I snapped up the second Chi's Sweet Home because the cat on the cover bore an uncanny resemblance to my cat, Howard. IF Howard were to be drawn as an Anime character, that is. I'd like to add that, while I've really embraced graphic novel/comics these past several months, I still shy away from the Manga because it's just so different. And sometimes it's backward! Also, since Manga has been translated from another language, there's lots of opportunity for things/context/meaning to get lost.  I loved Chi, though! This kitty cat tale (tail?) was totally cute and charming and made me want to go home and cuddle with my cats (Howard would be up for it. Princess Luna, who prefers not to be touched, would probably consider biting).

I'll definitely be grabbing up the Book 3 as soon as it hits the shelves! --AJB

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