Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our Chemical Hearts, by Krystal Sutherland

I really loved this book. It was funny and cute but it also had a lot of meaning. I loved how everything was balanced and it wasn't just a fluffy contemporary and it wasn't one of those books that will leave you feeling like you got ran over by a train. It had a perfect mix of humor and sadness.

I really liked the main character, Henry. I also loved his group of friends as well as his family which are quite amazing. I thought each character had interesting and different perspectives. Although I had a difficult time liking Grace in the beginning of the story. It was very obvious that Grace was keeping something major to herself so it is no wonder that her character was more of a mystery. I also enjoyed the interactions between Henry and Grace when they were together.

The main focus of this book is really solving the mystery that is Grace and Henry slowly builds a relationship with her. Grace does have some tragedy in her past which is greatly impacting her present life. Henry is patient and tries to be there for Grace even though he wants to move forward and focus on a future with her. For Henry, Grace become his total focus often to the detriment of other things in his life. In addition to being a story of first love, Henry learns a lot about himself, his family, and his friends over the course of the story.

Overall, Our Chemical Hearts is a great read. It's so well written and original. *JK*

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