Monday, August 28, 2017

The Accident Season, by Moira Fowley-Doyle

I love discovering an awesome new author...don't you?

Having just recently devoured Moira Fowley-Doyle's most excellent novel, The Spellbook for the Lost & Found, I was hungry for more atmospheric and slightly weird-spooky books. I really liked this writer's style. So imagine my excitement when I learned she'd written another, earlier book.

I sort of remember seeing The Accident Season on our new shelf a couple years back. I may have even paged through it. But back when it was first released, I'm pretty sure I was reading a lot of beachy-type romance about too-cute couples doing too-cute things in idyllic, too-cute locations (I know, right! Gag! <--not really, "gag" but I'm in the mood for something else now). Not really psyched up to read a story about curses and ghosts and other things that lurk in the shadows and hide in corners of photos and go bump in the night.

Now. NOW, I am in the mood for it. ALL of it! In fact, I can't get enough. In fact, I plowed through The Accident Season like a starving person would plow through a pizza (or bowl of spaghetti or whatever you like best). The plot is so mysterious and interesting I didn't want to stop until I'd read every page and learned WHY what was happening was happening. 

Cara, Alice, Sam, and Bea have always known to be extra careful during the month of October. This month marks The Accident Season, the time of year when their family is more accident-prone than usual. And we're not just talking a bump or bruise here and there (although those things DO happen). We're talking BIG broken arms, like getting hit by a car. Sometimes people even die, like what happened to their uncle. And this year is shaping up to be the worst of all. Or it could be the year they finally get to the bottom of why The Accident Season happens to them...IF they can survive, that is. Mix in the Party of the Year, a haunted house, and the mystery of a missing girl no one seems to remember ever existing (except Cara, Alice, Sam & Bea), and you've got yourself one un-put-downable story. 

Although I didn't like The Accident Season as much as Spellbook, it was still an incredible story. Fantastic characters, an interesting plot complete with the necessary twists, and atmospheric writing...It was all there! I look forward to more of whatever this author has to offer...and I hope that's more soon! --AJB

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