Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Zoolander 2 (dvd)

Last week, my husband challenged me with the quest of renting "a comedy we haven't seen" to watch over the weekend. Being that I pretty much built much of the teen DVD collection and had already seen quite a few of the films of that genre featured there, the task was indeed daunting!

Or so I thought.

While straightening the shelves in the DVD area, I stumbled upon Zoolander 2. We'd seen the first Zoolander film. Years ago. I didn't even remember much about it except it poked fun of the fashion industry and starred Ben Stiller. Hubby and I are fans of Stiller. Also of Owen Wilson, a.k.a. "that guy with the nose". And Will Ferrell is pretty funny too, although I don't think this film allowed him to fully unleash the madness I know he's capable of. A comedy starring this golden trio of comedians was sure to be good. Right?


I'll let you be the judge. 

Set several years after the Happily Ever After of the original film, we, the audience, find life has not been so kind to Derek Zoolander. Having lost his wife to a tragic accident and his son to protective services, the former male model has gone into hiding and is now living the life of a hermit. But when a mysterious killer begins hunting the world's beautiful people, Derek and former rival Hansel are the only ones who can save the day. They must find and protect The Chosen One. And to do so, they must return to the world of fashion, which has changed much since they last ruled the scene.

Packed with cameos and overrun with (already dated) pop-culture jokes, this movie is pretty ridiculous. And there was a point where we weren't sure we could finish watching it. And as fans of ridiculous comedy, that's saying a lot! But then the film hit its stride and we actually ended up laughing at it and, yes, even enjoying it. It's not something I'm in a hurry to watch again anytime soon, but perhaps several years down the road if they make a Zoolander 3 I'll revisit it. Or if I just am in need of a reminder why this is a film to only watch once. Maybe then I'll rewatch it.

Or maybe not.

On A Personal Note: For me the best part of the movie was the joke about the Tiny Phone/Huge Phone. I laughed so hard at that it hurt! Back in the day, before Smart Phones and when Flip Phones were just making their debut, I actually had a Tiny Phone. The thing was literally about 3 inches long, had a black & white screen, and only made and received calls. Nothing else. No exaggeration. It was one of those free, no-frills deals you got in exchange for signing up for two years of cell service (beggars couldn't be choosers).  I got tease good-naturedly by friends who had more high-tech phones. I will always remember the day I traded my Tiny Phone in for my purple flip phone...which (OMG!) had a color screen! 

Aaaaaand now I feel old. 

p.s. Sometimes I miss my Tiny Phone and all its glorious simplicity! Not to mention space-conscious. My current one barely fits in my bag's phone pocket.

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