Friday, July 27, 2018

Wild Blue Wonder, by Charlie Sorosiak

Charlie Sorosiak's novel Wild Blue Wonder has been on my radar for several months now, and I finally got the opportunity to read it. Which I did. All in one sitting.

This is one of those books that is nothing like you expect, but you enjoy anyway. From what I knew of it, I thought I'd be getting magical realism with a bit of romance thrown in. And while Wild Blue Wonder was both those things, it was much, much darker than I thought it would be. No lighthearted, beachy read here. Nope. (and if that's what you're wanting, look to authors like Kasie West and Jenny Han)

We first meet our heroine, Quinn, a few months after a terrible tragedy happened at The Hundreds, the summer camp owned by her family. Since, life as Quinn knows it has fallen apart: Her siblings aren't speaking to her (or to each other), her parents are constantly arguing, and everyday existence is extremely tense. Even the magic (yes, magic) that has been part of The Hundreds since the beginning of time has vanished. The worst part is, everything was Quinn's fault. No one comes out and directly says this, but Quinn knows it's true. 

no spoilers, though. 

Quinn's friends and the new boy at school (and possible love interest) are doing their best to be supportive, but in the end Quinn must forgive herself before she can move on with her life. Yep, this is one of those books...but it's very well-done! 

To be honest, I was hoping for a light, fun read. Especially following the intensity and heartbreak of The Museum of Us. Wild Blue Wonder was not what I was hoping for. And I wasn't prepared for the feels I got while reading it. But despite everything, I loved it and would recommend it to anyone. 


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