Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Harry Potter : a journey through a history of magic.


 (Today, July 31st, is good ol' HP's Birthday- if you didn't already know)

As a 90's baby, Harry Potter has made an immeasurable positive mark on my childhood and sometimes I cry just thinking about how much I love it. As a librarian, I adore being able to witness the continuing phenomenon of Harry Potter and seeing it alive in so many young hearts. So, naturally, this book made me cry a sappy Harry Potter cry within the first few pages. Reading Alice Newton's hand written report of how she (as an eight year old) felt about the book was the perfect introduction. I loved learning of the real (muggle) world history of magic that helped to inspire JK. Even if Harry Potter isn't your thing and you enjoy weird historical facts- you would still probably still find some of this book interesting. I especially loved seeing JK's beautiful sketches and pen-and-ink drawings of her characters. The early synopsis and drafts were also a good treat to read. This book was extremely well done for a non-fiction. It is engaging on every page. I would recommend it to any HP fan.

This book is actually located in the Non Fiction area of the Youth department at our library, but it can be enjoyed by all ages. Find it under call number (J 001B)    -MC

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