Monday, September 10, 2018

I Hate Fairyland (series), by Skottie Young

I hate fairyland #4
I'm not even certain how exactly I stumbled across the utter and complete madness that is Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland series, but I'm ever so glad I did! The graphic novel series, which has just released its fourth and final volume, follows the misadventures of Gert as she does anything and everything she can do to escape the technicolor, candy-coated madness that is Fairyland.

Once upon a time, some 30-odd years ago, Gert was a carefree and innocent little girl, skipping happily among the daisies, when she accidentally stumbled into Fairyland. Like all children who happen upon these circumstances, the kindly Queen Cloudia gave Gert a quest to complete in exchange for safe return to her life back on Earth. But unlike most children, Gert failed rather spectacularly at said quest and therefore has been trapped in Fairyland. For some 30-odd years. And her body hasn't aged a day. Her mind, though...that's another story. To explain much more would spoil a whole lot of the plot, so I'll leave it at this: Gert is now stark-raving bonkers.

The first three volumes of I Hate Fairyland are gratuitously colorful, darkly grotesque, and absolutely hilarious, and leaves readers with a constant "OMG I can't believe that just happened" sort of feeling. Throughout are all sorts of nods to well-known fairy tale characters and popular culture references. I Hate Fairyland may not be for the faint of heart, but it's absolutely and 100% awesome!

Coming soon to a library near you (OK, this library): The fourth and final volume details what happens to the cast of characters after Gert is unceremoniously taken out by a rogue lollipop...just as she is finally on the verge of a VERY long-awaited victory. And reader, you will be shocked to learn that Fairyland now faces worse threats than anything Gert could ever dish out. Will there be a happily ever after after all? I'm as excited as the rest of you to find out! --AJB

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