Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Truth Lies Here, by Lindsey Klingele

The weather is cooling off (well...sort of), the leaves are beginning to change color, and Pumpkin Spice is reaching epidemic proportions. It is around this time of year when I stop wanting to read fun, beachy stories and begin to reach for those that are more dark and suspenseful. Witches, Aliens, and Ghosts...oh, my! Bring it on!

The Truth Lies Here, the third book by Lindsey Klingele sounded perfect. Who can argue with unexplained phenomenon, missing persons, and, BONUS!, set in Michigan (so a local twist)? The story opens when Penny, a hard-nosed skeptic, returns to the small town of Bone Lake for the summer and discovers her father has forgotten to pick her up from the airport. It isn't unusual for her dad, who makes a living writing about Bigfoot and Alien Abduction for a local tabloid, to get caught up in a story. So this wouldn't be the first time he flaked out on a commitment. At first Penny is angry, but when her dad fails to show after several days, she begins to worry. Turns out Dad isn't the first to go missing. Two teenagers recently vanished without a trace. And then there was that hiker's body discovered in the woods, burned beyond recognition. Plus strange lights have been sighted in the area. And those ominous-looking men in black suits patrolling the area. And the locals won't talk about any of it (and act zombified if any of it gets brought up). Something strange is definitely afoot in the town of Bone Lake... And it's up to Penny to unravel the mystery.

The Truth Lies Here had the feel of a scary Teen movie from the 1990's (think I Know What You Did Last Summer or even X-Files), and it was incredibly fun to read. A bit predictable, but fun. I'd absolutely recommend it! --AJB

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