Friday, October 5, 2018

Thunder and the House of Magic (dvd)

All the neighborhood animals know to stay away from the Haunted House at the end of the block. Strange things happen there. Bad things. And critters who unknowingly enter the property have been known to disappear. But an abandoned kitten would rather risk unknown horrors than face real world dangers like thunderstorms and sharp-toothed dogs. And thus begins an epic adventure!

When Thunder takes shelter in the creepy old house, he finds himself in a world of magic, where everyday objects come to life. Turns out the house is owned by an elderly magician who knows real, actual magic. The old man adopts Thunder and even begins to use him in his shows. But a jealous white rabbit is determined to get rid of the cute kitty at all costs. And his plan leads the magician to have a terrible accident.

But there is an even more sinister plot afoot! While the magician is recovering in the hospital, a scheming real estate agent tricks the old man into signing over the deed to the house, which he plans to sell to the highest bidder (and keep the profits for himself). Now Thunder and his long-eared nemesis must put their differences aside and team up to protect their home and stop this evil plan from happening. 

If you're looking for a cute, fun film, look no further than Thunder and the House of Magic. While the plot is not super original (it's actually very Home Alone), it's an extremely enjoyable movie that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Definitely recommended --AJB

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