Saturday, October 20, 2018

American Road Trip, by Patrick Flores-Scott

First of all, I didn't know American Road Trip by Patrick Flores-Scott would have so much emotions in it. I was merely interesting in reading something to breeze through but I was wrong.

This story gently handles how a family copes when a brother comes home from war. PTSD is front and center in this story told through the eyes of a younger brother who is trying to make the most of his life despite poverty, ability, and lack of resources. The protagonist is likable and has an engaging voice that allows us to see his ambition, his struggles, and how much he cares about his family. We all make sacrifices, and there aren't any easy ones. But the story feels approachable without hiding from the truth. There's a tough attempted suicide scene, but it is handled with compassion. You begin to learn that not everything in life is pretty, but the focus is on overcoming.

In the end, I realized there is so much to love about this book. What resonated with me the most is the mass amounts of emotion wrapped up within and between these characters. From the  beginning to end I was totally invested in "T" and how he maneuvered through a journey of self-improvement, understanding his brother's battle with PTSD, his first love, and how he loved his family. The characters, the plot, and the heart of the story were so well-developed that it was hard to put it down. *JK*

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