Monday, November 5, 2018

Aquicorn Cove, by Katie O'Neill

After reading (and loving!) Katie O'Neill's graphic novel Tea Dragon Society last year, I couldn't wait to read her latest, Aquicorn Cove. So when it finally crossed my desk, I immediately dove into it.

Like the author's other works, Aquicorn Cove focuses on family, friendship, and strong female characters. The story opens when young Lana and her father return to the seaside hometown to help the residents clean up after a hurricane. It's been several years, but Lana feels at home right away. Especially after visiting the tidal pools she used to explore with her late mother. But this time she discovers something other than fish hiding within the shallow, protected waters: A small, seahorse-like creature that had been injured in the storm. Lana brings the creature home...and soon finds herself deep in an adventure involving the magical Aquicorns and their undersea city among the nearby coral reef. The reef and the Aquicorns are being threatened by the village's fishing community, and it is up to Lana and her aunt to do what they can to save it. 

Aquicorn Cove is a beautiful story with all the feels. The dialogue is minimal, but the gorgeous illustrations develop the characters and convey the story's message perfectly. Also, although the story has an environmental protection theme, it is never preachy or in-your-face. Something I appreciated.

When you have the chance, be sure to check out this sweet story! You'll be happy you did --AJB

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