Friday, November 9, 2018

Juniper The Happiest Fox, by Jessika Coker

Know this: I am a sucker for cute animal stories. Homer, Marley, and, of course, Dewey (because ALL us librarians love Dewey)... I've read them all and more. So I knew I would love Juniper The Happiest Fox even before I had the physical book in my hands. 

As with several generations of her ancestors, Juniper was born in captivity (meaning her behaviors and instincts were more like that of a domestic animal). She was the runt of her litter and was born with an underbite, a condition that would make life more difficult than for her littermates. Author Jessika Coker, who had lifelong experience working injured animals, had a special soft spot for foxes. So when she heard about Juniper needing a home, of course she adopted the adorable little ball of fluff... And the rest was history.

Juniper The Happiest Fox chronicles her life with Jessika, her friendship with Moose (dog) and Fig (another fox), her artistic endeavors, and all the shenanigans she gets up the funny trick she plays on guests. This story is nothing if not adorable, and I got A LOT of feels reading it. Made me want to go home immediately and cuddle on my own fur babies for as long as they'd allow it. But the best part about Juniper The Happiest Fox are the pictures! Because what would a book about a happy rescue animal be without pictures! And let me tell you: If Juniper's story doesn't charm you, her goofy snaggle-tooth grin and floofy tail will win you over instantly! 

Reading Juniper The Happiest Fox made ME happier! And I hope it will do the same for you. So read this book! Now! --AJB

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