Friday, March 29, 2019

Fireworks (DVD)

When translating a film with an already confusing plot from one language to another, the result isn't always satisfactory. And sometimes it can be a disaster. Thus was the case with Fireworks, by Studio Shaft (Your Name).

The film centers on shy Norimichi, who has a crush on the same girl as his more energetic and popular best friend. Nauzna, the girl in question, has just found out her mother is to remarry and she will have to move away from all she knows. Unhappy with the situation, Nazuna plans to run away from home, but things go awry. Norimichi uses a strange glowing sphere found in the ocean to help rewind time so his crush can escape (and just maybe they can be together). But each time he rewinds time, something goes wrong. Can the teens set the world right? 

The concept of Fireworks sounded really interesting. I'm always game for sci-fi movies. Especially if they involve time travel or alternate universes/outcomes. But this one did not work for me. At ALL. The plot didn't really seem to go anywhere, and the poor execution of the time travel aspect only made things confusing (this could have much to do with language translation, however). And the characters were as cliche as can be and seemed ripped straight from the pages of a John Green novel, but with far less depth: Shy male protag, manic-pixie-dream-girl love interest, funny/goofy best friend. Side characters were no more than placeholders. 

As excited as I was watch Fireworks, I was disappointed in the reality of it. And, admittedly, turned the film off about 2/3 the way through. Perhaps things came together in the end and everything made sense, but at that point I didn't care anymore. For a better Anime film, try When Marnie Was There or The Tale of Princess Kaguya. --AJB

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