Monday, March 11, 2019

The Dam Keeper, by Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi

Sunrise Valley is an oasis within a post-apocalyptic world. Outside its walls awaits death and decay, brought on by a toxic black fog that attacks the walls every few days. The only thing that keeps the fog (and certain death) at bay is the windmill stop the wall. 

Young Pig is the Dam Keeper. Like his late father before him, Pig's task is to maintain the windmill and its daily operation, ensuring the safety of each and every resident of Sunrise Valley. It's a lonely and thankless job. In fact, Pig's father couldn't take it and walked into the fog. And it is a daily battle for Pig to not have the same fate.

One day after a particularly violent fog storm (which destroys the windmill), Pig, his best friend Fox, and his nemesis Hippo become trapped miles outside the wall. It is a race against the clock as they must now get back home and fix the dam before the fog returns. But the world outside the wall may not be what they thought... What will Pig, Fox, and Hippo do when they learn the truth? 

The first volume in Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi's The Dam Keeper trilogy is incredible! Although there is very little dialogue, much is conveyed through the story's beautiful artwork. I loved everything about this series: The highly original story, the characters, the humor, and, of course, the art. I've already read Book 2 and am anxiously awaiting the third and final installment, which comes out in July 2019.


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