Friday, June 24, 2011

Hidden Treasure of the Week:

Growing up in medieval England, Catherine would rather master the fine art of wind-breaking than the more gentle skills of weaving or spinning. In hopes of helping Catherine overcome her overly-willful, tomboyish nature and grow into a proper Lady, Catherine's brother, Edward, gives her the daunting task of keeping a daily journal. What follows is a hilarious account of English manor life seen through the eyes of the book's spunky, opioniated heroine as she invents cuss words, takes near daily joy in pinching Perkin the goat boy, pens off-color songs, and artfully foils her Father's plans to marry her off ("sell her like cheese") to some highly unsuitable suitors. And that doesn't even include that whole disaster with the privy...  Catherine Called Birdy is an exceptionally entertaining gem that will have you LOL-ing throughout. This one's not to be missed! Check it out today! --AJL

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