Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Need" to read!

New At OPL:
The people Charlotte meets seem to forget her almost instantly. Soon, she is told, she will also fade from the memories of her friends and family. Charlotte learns she is a Forgotten, an otherworldly being compelled to drop everything and save lives of others, often complete strangers. Once a Forgotten has fulfilled their duty, they combust in a burst of golden light said to inspire hope and love throughout the world. Charlotte is horrified! All she wants is to have her normal life back, but the Need's increasing frequency won't allow that. It also means Charlotte's time is running out. Only one person knows of Charlotte's dilemma, but he's refusing to help her. Then Charlotte meets the darkly mysteriuos Onika, a former Forgotten who somehow escaped her fate. Charlotte learns that by resisting the Need she, too, can remain on Earth--but only at a terrible cost. Now Charlotte must make an important decision: She can give in to the Need and fulfill her destiny, or she can ignore it and be consumed by darkness. A Need So Beautiful is a gorgeous new fantasy by Suzanne Young. Look for it soon in the New Book section! --AJL

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