Friday, June 17, 2011

More Than Just a Pretty Face

A plane carrying the contestents of the Miss Teen Dream pagent crash-lands on a deserted tropical island leaving only 14 survivors. You'd expect these pampered, prettified, sparklefied girls to curl up and cry, right? Wrong! Crying would ruin their eye makeup. While some go mad (one in particular), the rest adapt to their island surroundings: They construct huts from natural materials, discover genius ways to obtain food and store fresh water, and work on their tans. And, oh yes, the beach sand makes a wonderful exfoliant! But the girls are not alone on the island. Deep within a dorment volcano is a secret government compound filled with secret government agents working on a secret government plot that makes Watergate look like a minor thing. And the girls are a threat to this plot. Now the girls must use their beauty and their brains to save themselves and save the day. Packed with author Libba Bray's trademark wit that earned Going Bovine a Printz Award (2010), Beauty Queens takes humorous shots at commercialism, reality TV, femininity and feminism, and stereotypes, all while delivering a story that is an adventure most epic. Oh, and did I mention there are Pirates? In a word: Supercalafragafreaking-Awesome! Check it out today! ---AJL

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