Monday, September 26, 2011

Creepy Alert!

What if you discovered your favorite scary books were real? Eddie begins to ponder the true horror of this question after he and his family move to Gatesweed, hometown of the famous horror author Nathaniel Olmstead, who vanished mysteriously several years earlier. While cleaning an old shed, Eddie discovers a strange unpublished manuscript, written in code, he suspects was penned (and then hidden) by Olmstead just before the author's disappearance. As Eddie and his new friends begin to decode the manuscript, strange and horrifying monsters begin appearing to terrorize the town--monsters straight out of the pages of Olmstead's books. Can Eddie and his friends solve this mystery before the most terrifying monster of all is unleashed?

The Stone Child is definitely an 8 or 9 on the creepy scale! Please do not attempt to read this one late at night, during a thunderstorm, or while home alone. And if you do, and it gives you nightmares, don't say you weren't warned. --AJL

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