Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Kiss is Just a Kiss--or is it?

A very unlikely cast of characters come together in Wisdom's Kiss, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, author of Dairy Queen and Princess Ben. The power hungry Dutchess of Froglock has an evil plan to take over the Kingdom of Montagne: Have her son marry Princess Wisdom (a.k.a. Dizzy). While en route to her wedding, Dizzy's ladies-in-waiting consume some bad shellfish and contract food poisoning. This is how the princess meets Trudy, a psychic chambermaid working at the inn where her entourage has been delayed. Trudy is enlisted to be Wisdom's right-hand-woman and the procession continues to Froglock, where Trudy's childhood sweetheart Tips has been staying under an assumed identity. Following is much drama, intrigue, action, and adventure. With the help of a very special cat, Wisdom, Trudy, and Tips all make their dreams come true. And oh yes, they outsmart the bad guys. Fans of The Princess Bride will especially like this unique fairy tale.

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