Monday, September 26, 2011

An epic adventure worth reading!

Looking for your next epic adventure? Look no further than Allison Croggon's The Naming, the first book in the Books of Pellinor quartet. In it, we meet 16-year-old Maerad, a slave in Gilman's Cot. When a mysterious visitor arrives at the Cot, Maerad learns she has a great destiny: She is a Bard, one of the Starpeople who are possessed of a great magical gift. Further, she is also The Chosen One, foretold to stop The Nameless One, an ancient and powerful evil that is threatening the land. Thus, Maerad and her mentor Cadvan embark on a great quest to unravel the mystery of the Treesong, an ancient and powerful magic, long lost, said to be what will overcome this great evil. Along the way, they make great friends and terrible enemies, and Maerad begins to learn the extent of her own powers.

This truly amazing book is full of gorgeous imagry and strong characters. It is sure to rank up there with such epic fantasies as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It is definitely worth checking out! --AJL

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