Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Stars for Every Soul a Star

Ally, Bree, and Jack couldn't be more different. And in any other situation they probably wouldn't even hang out together, let alone become friends. But something truly magical happens when these three teens meet up at the Moon Shadow Campground to watch the Great Eclipse. And by the time the event is over, all three lives will be changed forever.

Author Wendy Mass delivers yet another amazing story with Every Soul a Star. Each character (nature girl Ally, glamorous Bree, and shy Jack) is exceptionally well-crafted and each demonstrates a tremendous amount of growth over the course of the story. The setting is gorgeous, and readers will find themselves wanting to visit the Moon Shadow to see The Unusuals. This book will make you want to track down the next eclipse and witness the spectacle for yourself. And it might even awaken your inner science geek--in the best possible way.  Every Soul a Star is not to be missed! --AJL

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