Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Have you ever noticed that listening to music just makes life... better? Andi's life could sorely use some improvement-- after the recent death of her younger brother, everything seems seriously messed up. She can't live up to anyone's expectations, it seems-- not her father's, not her friends', not her demanding private school's. The only time she feels stable is when she is playing her guitar or listening to her iPod. So, when her father insists that she turn away from her music to focus on academics, Andi's problems seem insurmountable. That is, until she stumbles, like magic, across a mysterious diary written centuries ago by a young Parisian girl. Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution tells Andi's story-- her grief, her intelligence, and her passion for music-- through her own eyes. 

Great for older teens, especially those interested in history. OEO

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