Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Fantastic Stories

Kizzy, an outcast teenager, wishes more than anything for boys to notice her. Then one day one does notice. Too bad kissing the handsome Jack Husk could cost Kizzy her soul. Kizzy should have been more careful what she wished for... Anamique has gone her whole life without uttering a single word. She fears what will happen if she does speak. Because of a curse, the sound of Anamique's voice is said to bring destruction and death to all who hear it. Then James arrives in Anamique's life and tempts her to test the so-called curse. Maybe it's all just a terrible rumor. Maybe it's not... Young Esme and her mother live a strange life apart from the rest of society. One night Esme hears the howling of wolves outside her bedroom window. Soon afterward, a strange man begins trailing their every move. It's only a matter of time before Esme learns of the horrid, otherworldly nightmare she and her mother have been hiding from all these years...

With Lips Touch Three Times, author Laini Taylor offers three exquisitely-written short stories about demons, devils, goblins, and the transformative power of a single kiss. Gorgeous pen and ink drawings by Jim Di Bartolo enhance each tale beautifully. This one is truly exceptional! Don't miss it! --AJL

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