Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tiger Style

Not a day goes by that Varjak Paw isn't reminded of how different he is--and not in a good way.  Although Varjak, like all the other cats who live in the house on the hill, is a Mesopotamian Blue, his eyes are an odd yellow instead of the normal green. This makes poor Varjak an outsider among his own clan. One day a strange man appears in his house accompanied by two even stranger cats. Immediately sensing his family is in danger, Varjak escapes the house and ventures into the Outside World in search of help. There, he learns that cats have been mysteriously disappearing all over the city. The only cat who can save the day is one who knows The Way, an ancient feline martial art founded and practiced by legendary Jalal. But only The Chosen One is able to learn The Way. Varjak Paw, misfit, outcast, learns he is more important to his clan (and to all the cats of the city) than he could ever have imagined.

S.F. Said's short novel about an ordinary cat finding something extraordinary within himself is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Formatted after pretty much every martial arts movie ever made (except with critters), this one will find an audience with fans of kung fu and animal fiction. The ending is predictable, but it'll make you happy just the same--AJL

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