Friday, August 19, 2011

Paranormal Whodunit

When you live in a town populated by mythical and paranormal beings, life is sure to be a little, well, odd. Add in a mystery and things can get downright strange. This is how it is for teenage psychic sleuth Daisy Giordano. As if she isn't stressed out enough by college applications, someone has been committing attacks of violence against Nightshade's vampire and werewolf populations. Daisy is positive there's more to these attacks than just the usual prejudices either side has for the other. And when her nemesis Circe Silvertongue returns to town, Daisy is positive the sorceress is involved somehow. But what is Circe's motive? Then signs point to an evil Scourge plot. It's up to Daisy to track down the Scourge's leader and stop the group from eradicating Nightshade's paranormal population. She also needs to figure out how to release Lil and Bam from their decades-old prisons. With a little help from her friends and her psychic skills, Daisy saves the day once again.

Although readers will likely crack this case long before Daisy pieces the clues together, this paranormal whodunit is a lot of fun and an exceptional pleasure to read.  Dead Is Not An Option is the fifth and final book in Marlene Perez's "Dead Is..." series. Although the last in the series, enough background is given that it is not necessaty to read the previous four books before delving into this one. Still, after enjoying this book, you'll want to read about Daisy's other adventures. -- AJL

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