Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

In a crowded cafeteria, Cathy Ferris, 15, is approached by a strange boy who insists she is his long-lost cousin Murielle Lyman. Five years eariler, Murielle was left behind when her parents fled the country after embezzling millions from clients. They were never heard from again--and they never returned for their daughter. Cathy tries to brush off the disturbing experience, but the boy persists, involving his parents and, soon, the FBI. Everyone hopes Cathy can shed some light on what happened to the Lymans and to Murielle. But can she? And, if Cathy really is Murielle, will she be willing?

As with the author's previous books, They Never Came Back is fast-paced and complex with nonstop action and an interesting mystery. Even reluctant readers will enjoy this one. --AJL

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