Monday, January 16, 2012

Update My Status

 The Future of Us explores the concept of the dangers of toying with the space-time continuium--but it doesn't do it very well. The year is 1996, and Emma has just received her first computer. Her neighbor Josh brings over an AOL CD-ROM his family got in the mail. Emma installs it, opens a browser, and is immediately taken to her Facebook page. The catch? Facebook hasn't been invented yet. Emma is soon obsessed with checking her future self's status updates and altering her present choices with the hopes of changing her seemingly miserable future, which her future self dishes out in way too much detail via frequent status updates (OMG!TMI!). Emma's other friends also have Facebook accounts: Josh is married to the hottest girl in school, her BFF becomes a teen mom, her crush is shockingly still single in 15 years.... Eventually, Emma learns that the future is best left to the unknown and that the key to happiness is to make the most of the life she's got. --AJL

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