Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I know what you did...

Evan's best friend Ariel was taken away after a failed suicide attempt. The story is unclear on the details of exactly what transpired, and, for much of it, the reader is left wondering whether Ariel is even still alive. But one thing is certain: Evan blames himself for what happened to his friend. Blame to the point of obsession. One day while walking home along a deserted wooded path, Evan finds a photograph of himself. A photo that was taken at a moment when he thought he and Ariel were alone together. Over the next several days, more cryptic photos turn up. More and more, Evan is sure someone else knows what happened to Ariel, knows what Evan did, and is out for revenge. With each photo, with each message, Evan is driven more and more toward the breaking point. But what does the person sending these messages really want? Is it Arial (Evan knows this is impossible--or is it)? Or someone else? Armed with only a few clues, Evan must find the mysterious photographer and find out what they want. But what he discovers is something he never would have expected to find, and this discovery leaves him wondering: Exactly how well did he know Ariel after all? And can he accept what he finds out?

Told through first-person narrative and some oddly intriguing photographs, Every You Every Me is an eerie, creepy page-turner that is part mystery, part psychological drama, part coming-of-age. Itwill have you absolutely absorbed until the last page! Awesome! --AJL

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