Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love--down to a science?

Jennifer E. Smith's third novel is about all the little "what-if's" that lead up to major crossroad moments in life.

And it is a multitude of these "what-if" moments that prevent Hadley Sullivan from arriving at the airport on time to catch the plane she would have taken to London to attend her father's wedding to her new stepmother--a woman Hadley's never met (and would really rather not meet. ever.). But if she hadn't been late, she wouldn't have had to catch a later flight. And then she never would have met Oliver, the hot English boy who has the seat next to her's. The two hit it off immediately, but lose track of each other once they reach their destination. But several serendipitous situations have them meeting again and again over the next 24 hours. By the end, Hadley and Oliver are in love. Additionally, both teens have made peace with their respective family drama issues by the book's conclusuon--albeit a little too easily. But there are happy endings all around (and happy beginnings). And really... How can you NOT like a feel-good book like that?

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight read like the script for a romantic dramedy movie. On the screen, it would likely be a big hit along the lines of chick flick classics like Say Anything or Serendipity. Unfortunately, it wasn't particularly exciting when presented in text format: Much too word-y where actions and thoughts would've worked better shown rather than described in detail. And there should've been a flashback montage somewhere in there. One set to a cheesy love ballad (perhaps a remix/remake of a formerly-popular 80s pop song?).  

Overall, though... Entertaining. And a good concept. --AJL

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