Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Totally Geek-tastic!

Uber-stylish IT Girl Kacey Simon doesn't think it's a bad thing to act superior to everyone she encounters. And on her weekly advice show, Kacey is known for being harsh (at best). Even her BFFs aren't immune to her cutting comments. Then the universe delivers Kacey a steaming, heaping helping of Karma. An eye infection (thanks to her designer contact lenses) and a trip to the dentist leave Kacey sporting thick glasses, braces, and a lisp. Suddenly Kacey possesses every outward quality she always dissed in others--and her peers oh so eagerly turn against her. Overnight, the Queen of Cool becomes the Biggest Geek in School. But before she can reclaim her popularity, Kacey must learn How to Rock Braces and Glasses--and how to treat people better. Otherwise, she'll be forever doomed to the bottom of her school's social food chain.

A cute story, although about as unpredictable as an after school special. Kacey is a difficult character to like for much of the book. It was it hard for me to really sympathize with what she was going through. There were some humorous parts, though. And Kacey eventually learns her lesson and becomes a better person. Fans of "Mean Girl" books will enjoy this. --AJL

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