Monday, February 20, 2012

Separated At Birth

Caroline B. Cooney's Three Black Swans reads like the plot of a Lifetime Original Movie (or an After School Special): Lots of drama and angst, but not much basis in true reality.

As part of a school assignment on the power of hoaxes, cousins and BFFs Missy and Claire (who share an uncanny resemblance--even for relatives/cousins) decide to record a video about being long-lost twins who have just reunited. All fake, of course. Or is it? The video is extremely convincing and, you guessed it, makes it to YouTube where it quickly gets hundreds of hits. Soon the video is seen by Genevieve, a third teen who looks exactly like Missy and Claire. Many tear-stained, drama-filled discussions with parents later, the three girls learn the truth about themselves: They are actually triplets who were separated at birth! Family secrets and shocking revelations abound!

Predictable, but if you like stories with lots of drama, you'll love this one! --AJL

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