Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every Day is Different

Every day, a traveling, genderless soul named A wakes up in a different body and to a different life. Sometimes it's a guy. Other times it's a girl. Race, religion, economic status, healthy or sickly, anything else... it doesn't matter. The change happens. The only constant is the host body is always the same age as A. It has always been this way. And A has gotten used to it. The only rule is A must not interfere in anyone's life. And A has kept to that rule. But then A meets Rhiannon, the girlfriend of a boy A inhabits. Despite better judgement, A falls in love with Rhiannon and attempts to stay in touch with her. Results could be disastrous.

As with all David Levithan's books, Every Day is highly unique, yet exceptionally enjoyable. This is not a straightforward love story where boy meets girl and everything is peachy (except for some slight drama at some point). The reader never even figures out if A is male or female. Rather, this is about whether we can recognize the inner essence (if you will) of someone we connect with, no matter what that someone looks like. An interesting concept explored in an even more interesting way. And well worth checking out. --AJB

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