Friday, September 7, 2012

Reunion Tour

Back in middle school, Alice, Summer, and Tiernan were inseperable BFFs, united by their obsession with the band Level13. But when the band broke up their freshman year, the girls had a falling out and went their separate ways. Now, as they're about to graduate, Level13 announces a one-night-only reunion show--2,000 miles away. The girls decide to go. Together. But having barely spoken to each other for the past four years, the former friends are practically strangers. And the question is raised: Was their shared love for this band the only glue that held their friendship together? Or can they rediscover their friendship on a deeper level? Either way, this could be the most awkward road trip ever!

Reunited is for anyone who obsessively obsesses about a favorite band. And for anyone who ever did. Not exactly a deep read, but there's a lot of humor and heart here. If you're looking for some light chick lit, try Reunited. --AJB

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