Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Story of Survival

When she hears about the recent political unrest in the United States, Radley, 17, rushes home--even though she'd been in the middle of volunteering at an orphanage in Haiti. Radley's worried about her parents, her friends, her cat. But when she finally arrives, she learns her flight has been re-routed. Radley is alone in a strange city with no money, no cell phone, and no way to contact her parents. In a last-ditch effort, she starts walking home, doing her best to stay out of view of both law enforcement and vigilantes. But her house has been abandoned. Figuring her parents went north to Canada, Radley begins another long journey. Along the way she befriends Celia, another teenage traveler heading for the border. The girls learn to trust each other and eventually come to rely on each other for survival. What will happen?

Safekeeping has dystopina elements, but isn't as dark as others in the genre. This book is mostly about friendship between the two girls and how they're able to survive because of that friendship (the dystopian elements are only vaguely touched on every so often). If you're looking for a dystopia, but don't want anything dealing with global destruction or where characters are forced to fight to the death, Safekeeping is for you. Enhancing this story are black and white photographs taken by the author. A quick read on the lighter side of dystopia. --AJB

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