Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kiss Me!

Half-human, half-mermaid Princess Waterlily has only a few months to choose a mate. Otherwise she'll lose the throne and her inheritance to her evil cousin.  She's got big plans, though: She'll kiss her longtime crush, Brody, and bond with him for life. Then they'll travel under the sea where they'll live happily ever after. Never mind Brody is fully human and has no idea about Lily's true mermaid identity. Never mind they've barely spoken in the three years they've gone to school together. It'll work out. It has to. But a case of mistaken identity at the school dance bonds Lily with her annoying neighbor, Quince, instead. Oops! The two journey to Lily's undersea kingdom to undo the bonding magic. Along the way, Lily discovers maybe she kissed the right boy after all.

Forgive My Fins may not be terribly deep or introspective. But this light and bubbly romance is definitely fun to read! Perfect for the beach--or curling up on a chilly night with a cup of hot cocoa. And stay tuned afterward for some fun extras, including a recipe for Mermaid Cupcakes, a short story about Quince and Lily's first meeting, and a sneak peek at the sequel!--AJB

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