Monday, November 5, 2012

Letters to their teen selves

Dear Teen Readers,

Ok, so maybe right now something completely traumatic just happend and your life is, like, totally over. Maybe you discovered your crush (that girl or guy you thought was The One) likes someone else. Maybe you're in danger of failing gym class. Maybe there's stuff going on at home you'd rather not talk about (or even think about). Maybe you're having trouble with a bully (or are a bully). Maybe you're having an identity crisis. Or maybe you did something totally dumb and embarassing and now the news is all over school and all over facebook and now the whole world knows about it and you just want to crawl into a dark corner and die because, of course, you can't face anyone.

Think you're alone in your misery?

Think again. You're not. We've all been there. Many times. Trust me.

Your favorite authors were once teenagers too. And they faced many of the same issues you face on a daily basis. In Dear Teen Me, authors like Ellen Hopkins, Lauren Oliver, Sara Zarr and more pen letters to their teenage selves. These letters cover a variety of topics that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking, each one bringing a new, more mature perspective to whatever issue is at hand. Too bad their teenage selves couldn't really read them.

So if you ever wished you could flash forward to adulthood and put the trauma of your teenage life behind you (and, really, who hasn't), this book is for you! 

Best of Luck


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