Sunday, November 4, 2012

Written in the Stars

Set in the late 1500s. When Jepp, a dwarf, is sent to become a member of the Spanish Infanta's royal court, he couldn't have anticipated the daily humiliations that would become his life: Donning silly costumes, leaping out of pies, and performing ridiculous stunts--all for the amusement of her Highness. He also couldn't have expected to fall in love with Lia, another dwarf and fellow performer. When something terrible happens to Lia, Jepp agrees to help her escape--with disastrous results. As punishment for this insubordination, Jepp is sent far away to a very unusual new master. Here, he expects to suffer the same humiliating lifestyle he did in while residing in the castle of the Infanta. But sometimes fate can twist in unexpected ways...

This truly unique book explores the age-old argument of fate vs. free will. Are our lives mapped out for us even before we are born? Do we have the power to shape our own destiny? A mix of both? No matter what you believe, Jepp Who Defied the Stars is not one to be missed. --AJB

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