Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Prom Dresses @ Hope Closet!

It's no joke: Prom can be expensive! The cost of the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the misc acessories can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars! And that's not even including salon services for hair and nails. And we won't even get into limo rental. Long story short, affording all that on an after school/weekend job budget can be scary, but there is help!
Hope Closet, a local non-profit organization, sympathizes with this plight and provides free formal dresses, shoes, and acessories to local girls. Hope Closet Botique is open for one week every April, by appointment only. To shop, one must show a recent report card or valid school ID. Now in its 10th year of operation, Hope Closet has given thousands of dresses to local girls who, otherwise, may not have been able to afford to attend prom.
This year's Hope Closet Botique will be held at Royal Oak First Methodist Church, April 13-20. Appointments can be made 9a.m.-9p.m. by calling 248-374-1309.
For those who donated dresses, shoes, or other acessories, you may get a reciept for your contribution by sending a SASE to:
Hope Closet
P.O. Box 530413
Lavonia, Michigan
For more information: Hope Closet.

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