Monday, March 11, 2013


File this one under the "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" category! Romance, intelligent humor, and science blend nicely in Connie Willis' 1996 classic Bellwether, one of the Teen Department's hidden treasures you won't want to miss.

Sandra and Bennett, both scientists at Hi-Tek, have a hit a brick wall in their research. She is attempting to discover the elusive ingredient as to why certain clothes, styles, products, etc. become popular while others do not. He is studying chaos theory (yes, that's a real field of study). Could a sudden aquisition of a flock of sheep be the key to both their research projects (not to mention that much-coveted grant funding)? What they don't realize is there's no scientific formula for falling in love...or is there?

Despite being quite dated (yes, this one was published before cell phones, MP3 players, and even the internet became mainstream), Bellwether is still an exceptionally entertaining story. Added bonus: Each chapter is started with information on fads throughout history. --AJB

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