Monday, March 25, 2013

Life & Times of the Invisible Boy

Ever have one of those days when you seem to be going through life unnoticed? Sometimes it's a good thing. Other times...well, not so much. Meet Calvin Schwa: The kid who seems to be invisible all the time and has the unfortulate effect of blipping off everyone's radar, social and otherwise (Or maybe you already have met Cal and you just don't remember it). When neighborhood troublemaker Anthony (a.k.a. Antsy) Bonano discovers this so-called "Schwa Effect," he and his friends decide to test its limits by daring Calvin to get himself into increasingly mischievous situations without getting caught. And it works...until the day Antsy & Co. dare Calvin to break into the apartment of mean Mr. Crawley, the neighborhood recluse, and steal a dog bowl. Long story short, The Schwa Effect doesn't work and the guys find themselves in a world of trouble.  Hilarious, awkward, unbelievable trouble.

Like its sequel, The Schwa Was Here by Neil Shusterman is both funnuy and serious. The plot, characters, and humor are geared more toward boys, but this story can be enjoyed by everyone. --AJB

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