Friday, November 15, 2013

"I can't ask my parents THAT!"

Ok... Let's say you've been talking to your friends about life (and stuff) and now you have some really important questions you need answers to, like, soon. You could ask a parent, teacher, or guidance counselor, but, the thing is, these questions are really kind of embarrassing. And these adults might get the wrong idea about you if you did ask them. So the only logical solution is to say silent and believe all the gossip and rumors, right?
Not anymore!
Look no further than our new book shelf for 100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents (T306.7H).  Here you will find straight, honest, and accurate answers on blush-worthy topics like sex, drugs and alcohol, body issues, and other issues teens need to know about. Does this book make your questions any less embarrassing? No. But you will find the answers you seek without having to endure humiliating confrontations with adults.

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